Action for Individuals

Step 1: Sign our petition

The most important things are to write to your MP, and then ask your friends to. Do as much as you can. However if you are time-poor, a good start would be to sign our petition.

Step 2: Write to your MP

Please write to Sheryll including your full address so she knows you’re a constituent. If unsure, check at Just something simple that takes very little time. Use the comments below as a starting point if you like. See which comments you resonate with most. Then write your own version from the heart rather than just copying the words. The MP will feel the difference. We are briefing them on the science, so you just need to register your support.

Contact Sheryll Murray MP


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  • "We are losing species at an alarming rate: hedgehogs have declined by 95% and pollinating insect numbers are plummeting. We need dramatic action to protect the circle of life and must commit to following the scientific advice without delay."
  • "As a conservative, I believe it’s our duty to look after the environment and hand over the planet in a healthy condition to the next generation."
  • "The government is not doing enough and I’m very worried for the future of my grandchildren."
  • "We’ve seen with Covid, that when we don’t listen to the scientists, things can go wrong. We must learn this lesson and follow their advice on climate change."
  • "The government says it’s doing enough but independent scientists, whom I hold to a high level of trust, say otherwise. For example the organisation Climate Action Tracker which assesses all countries, rates UK policies as insufficient to keep us within 1.5ºC."
  • "I welcome the government’s 10 point plan as a step in the right direction, but the scientists say it falls well short of what’s needed. We can’t sort out a planetary scale crisis with £4bn spending. Compare that to the £100bn cost of HS2."
  • "The Government’s current 2050 net zero date gives us merely a ‘greater than 50%’ chance of avoiding what UN scientists warn will lead to ‘catastrophic’ events, including crop failure, flooding and increased disease. A 50% 'coin flip' is not good enough, and it scares me. We can, and must, do better to reduce emissions now."
  • "We have an opportunity as we recover from the pandemic to invest in a green recovery. I'm very concerned to see the Government supporting polluting businesses and projects like the huge coal mine in Cumbria.  I want my tax money supporting renewables and green businesses, and re-training for people currently working in fossil fuels."
  • "The Citizens' Assembly in Ireland was effective in breaking the deadlock on the abortion issue. Climate change has wrongly become a contentious issue in this country, and I think an assembly would really help. I think it's good that Parliament would be obliged to debate the Citizens' Assembly's recommendations but would still have final say."
  • "The scientists say we're running out of time to prevent catastrophe and desperately need the measures proposed by this bill. Politicians ignoring the science advice are taking a terrible responsibility."
  • "Business-as-usual has failed for decades to deliver the required level of action on climate change. It's time to make some legal commitments and remove the temptation for governments of all stripes to play politics."

Step 3: Write to your Parish or Town Council

Ask your parish / town council to support the CEE Bill and to let the relevant MP know. Parish councils around the country are backing the bill. Many have it on their agenda. Attach the pro-forma motion below, and copy a link to this website in your email. There’s a choice of two motions, depending on whether your parish council has already declared a climate emergency. Click below for your clerk’s contact details.

Councils around the country are getting behind the CEE Bill. Ask your local councillors to follow suit.


Step 4: Write to your County Councillor

Support your Council and help ensure that motions to support the CEE Bill are on the agenda and are then passed by letting your county councillor know that you’d like them to support the CEE Bill. Click below to find out who your councillor is.

Step 5: Share this with your friends and family

This affects everyone. The scientists say we’re on borrowed time for taking action. There’s no time for any further delay. If you agree with this initiative, please urge everyone you know to join the campaign and help give our South East Cornwall MP the support she needs to back it.