We are a campaign group working with our local MP and councils to ensure policies on climate change and ecological breakdown follow the science. Currently we are focused on campaigning for the CEE Bill to pass into law. The bill is already attracting huge support. If adopted, it would transform the UK’s approach to tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis.

Animation by Amy Kate Wolfe and Hannah McNally. Music by Daniel Blake

Why we need the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

The CEE bill is a parliamentary bill drawn up by scientists, academics and lawyers, and supported by a growing cross-party group of 110 MPs along with many businesses. It’s not radical. It would simply ensure that Government policy is brought into line with the latest scientific advice.

What would passing the CEE Bill achieve?

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What can you do?

Ask our South East Cornwall MP Sheryll Murray to support this bill. For an MP to challenge Government policy, they need to see a strong groundswell of constituency support. Click on the relevant button below to find out how you can help.

Support the campaign as an individual


Support the campaign as an organisation

Add your organisation’s name to our Open Letter as co-signatory. It is addressed to Sheryll asking her to support the CEE Bill. If you’d like more information, send us a quick email at

National Campaign

The CEE Bill Alliance is co-ordinating a national awareness campaign, meeting with our parliamentary representatives, and providing information to the public. For more information and resources, see the national campaign website